Milena Berman – Karlsaue Park without a map

KASSEL, 12 July — Day 34. As the 100 days of dOCUMENTA (13) reach the 1/3 point, our intrepid dOCUMENTA press officer, blogger, and guide to all things “d,” Milena Berman, returns from her own week of travel to give us a guide to our experience of Karlsaue Park. Serendipitously enough, earlier today Ironyca commented that when you enter a new land in WoW your map is blank and it fills in only after you explore the land yourself, and this is Berman’s advice for Karlsaue, to ignore the map and just explore, to let the park, the sights, and the sounds unfold organically rather than be “stomped to.”


My tip on visiting Karlsaue Park:

One might begin a Karlsaue tour at the baroque Orangerie, to view the work of Jeronimo VossEternity through the Stars. Voss’ installation is composed of two parts, one at the planetarium and one in the Cabinet of Astronomy and Physics of the Orangerie. The artist works with light, projection, image, and text in dealing with astronomical processes to document history. From the steps of the Orangerie, one looks onto a green expanse of park and is confronted with the work of Italian artist Massimo Bartolini as well Chinese artist Song Dong’s hard-to-miss creation. Bartolini’s Untitled (Wave), is a minimalist construction of stainless steel, engine, water, and barley: a rectangular pond of water in constant wave-like motion. Bartolini is known for his interest in combining organic with man-made materials, bringing the viewer to observe mechanical constructions in natural environments. Song…

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