LOS ANGELES, 9 July — Our man in AR, John Craig Freeman, and Will Pappenheimer, change up Manifest.AR’s frequent “uninvited intervention” MO with an invitation from LACMA to augment the interstitial spaces of their campus. Even though this time out they’re working at the behest of the cultural institution, their art & culture agenda seems untamed by the relationship, their “Project-o-rator” a Soviet constructivist inspired installation featurning panels running video in an augmented overlay of such old and new events as “Tank Man” in Tiananmen Square and Pepper Spray at the University of California.

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This weekend as part of our Artist’s Respond series, we launched Project-o-Rator, by Will Pappenheimer and John Craig Freeman. The project transforms the in-between spaces on the museum campus using augmented reality.

Here’s how it works:

On your smartphone, go to If you do not have the free augmented reality browser Layar installed, you’ll be prompted to install the app. Within Layar, search for “LACMA” to launch the project.


Use the QR code below to install the free Layar Augmented Reality Browser, which will launch the project.


Download Layar at and search for “LACMA”.

You’ll want to be in the outdoor public spaces at the museum in order to experience the project. By viewing the plaza spaces through the camera on your mobile device, you’ll encounter an augmented reality layer that introduces three-dimensional virtual objects in your field of vision. Interacting with those objects, you’ll…

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