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SOUTHAMPTON, UK, 9 July — Today University of Southampton PhD candidate Nicole Beale published a short report and resources from her “Social Media for Researchers” workshop held here last week. Beale’s research interests include changing professional practices in cultural heritage, and social media and the museum.

Digital Pathways for Community Heritage


Workshop Description

Last week I ran a workshop ‘Social Media for Researchers’ for the CITE group at the University of Southampton, which was great fun, despite the limited time that we had to talk about the issues covered. CITE are doing loads of cool stuff at the moment to raise awareness generally across the university within which I’m based around the use of technologies and I was really happy to work with them.

The idea behind the workshop was to begin to develop a pool of resources for staff and students alike to find out about the use of social media as researchers.  Through identifying areas where support is needed, a project could be put together to locate and link to already existing resources, but to also collect personal experiences with various social media from within and outside of the university.

I put together some slides designed to get…

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2 Comments on “Nicole Beale – Social Media”

  1. Tuesday, 10 July 2012 at 13:33 UTC #

    Thank-you for reblogging my post! I really enjoyed running the workshop that I describe in the article. Be great to get some feedback on the persentation I put together for it. Thanks!

    • Tuesday, 10 July 2012 at 14:28 UTC #

      That was a great, thorough presentation Nicole! Did you really go thru ALL 51 slides!?

      You talked about a lot of media in that post, and to be sure, many different peeps and many different communities are drawn to many different platforms…

      For myself I (duh) have become an enormous fan of Blogs. I’m thinking about them less ATM, but I am also an enormous fan of Wikis – both very powerful tools and, I think, with great community building potential.

      Kathleen’s been writing about the Blog as the new Salon

      and I think if the Blog is the new Salon, then the big social places like Facebook & Pinterest are the new Town Square. So it’s important to “go put your paintings on easels in the park” because that’s where the eyeballs are… Facebook has a lot of eyes and a lot of activity, but I think it’s hard to be very substantive there, and I also think content is “lost” there – not literally lost but harder to access, archive, build a personal or community repository from. So in a way the ubiquity of Facebook is a little disappointing to me.

      You also listed some of the, well, I’m not that familiar but I think of them as Aggregator / Scraper sites (I could be totally wrong) that will make “magazines” or “Newspapers” out of topics or people… I’ve never tried those, and I’m not “offended” when they scrape my work, since my work is Creative Commons Attribution and I “asked for it,” but perhaps because at least some of them are robot assembled they have that slightly glazed over stare of “hi, I’m sort of about topic X, but not exactly, or not super robustly”

      Anyway, I guess my overarching thought here is that it seems like some platforms (blogs & wikis being my personal choices) have real power, but I wonder if others aren’t more spammy or more focused on Facebook’s Empire / Facebookfulness, etc

      Sounds like it was a great workshop Nicole! Thanks for doing it and thanks for sharing your work on your blog! 🙂

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