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SHANGHAI, 3 July — Lecturer in Visual Arts at the Academy of International Visual Arts, Shanghai, and PhD candidate at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Rachel Marsden is making one of her Shanghai to Birmingham, or “PVG-2-BHX” if you like, trips today, and takes the occasion to make a list of things she misses, and doesn’t, about each city.

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I’m coming back to the UK tomorrow for a little while…for an undefined period at the moment (no longer than a month I think) to have a well-deserved break and to catch up on a little UK work. During the weeks running up to this, I’ve been having certain conversations with people where questions as to what I will and will not miss about Shanghai and what I’m looking forward to in the UK have come up…so I thought I’d write a few lists. They are compiled in no particular order and are written as things came into my head over the space of a week or so. They make me smile a lot as they give me a strange sense of realisation about a few things and as to who I am. What would and wouldn’t you miss if you had to leave where you were right now? A…

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