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KASSEL, 1 July — And on the 22nd of dOCUMENTA (13)’s 100 days Milena Berman finds herself returning yet again to Leaves of Grass, Geoffrey Farmer’s monumental, 60 foot long sculptural collage of cut-outs from a half-century of Life Magazines, spanning 1935 – 1985


Living and working in Kassel during the dOCUMENTA with ongoing entry to the exhibitions, I have been in no rush to see all of the works. I have found the installations, sculptures, and ongoing performances to become part of my daily life. Each morning on my walk to work, I pass at least three of the cabins in Karlsaue park and Giuseppe Penone’s sculptural tree, or on a rainy day the tram takes me past the Neue Galerie and the Weinberg bunkers where visitors approach the exhibit wearing hard hats. The works are becoming more and more familiar, exposing personalities and revealing new layers.

In a situation such as this, it is interesting to find which works call for a second, third, or tenth look. Aside from the public works, I have returned to see Leaves of Grass, the compelling sculptural collage of Geoffrey Farmer in the Neue Gallerie. 


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