Levitated Mass Opens Sunday

Michael Heizer's drawing for the installation of Levitated Mass at LACMA

LOS ANGELES, 24 June — In 1969, the same year that Vaneeesa Blaylock was born, earth artist Michael Heizer tried and failed to realize his monumental earthwork “Levitated Mass” in the Nevada desert. Today, 43 years later, the delayed but not forgotten dream is realized on the LACMA campus.

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Way back in the twentieth century—1969, to be precise—Michael Heizer had the idea for an artwork he’d call Levitated Mass. It would be a massive rock perched atop a long slot in the earth. He even got so far as to start creating the artwork in the Nevada desert: he had a 120-ton rock and he dug out the slot. Unfortunately, one of two cranes he was using to mount the rock buckled under the weight, and the project was not completed.

Here we are more than four decades later, and Levitated Mass is complete. The rock is a little heavier (340 tons), the slot is a little longer (456 feet), and the site is a little more accessible (right in the middle of Los Angeles). Also, a few more people know all about it: back in March you couldn’t change the channel or open your local paper…

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