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SANTA MONICA, 20 June — In our more speech, many-2-many century, it’s remarkable how many voices have blogged about their Love or Hate for Rock of Ages. One thing I think you can’t argue is that King Baby Studio rocked Tom Cruise’ jewelry design, had some awesome screen time, and helped forge the character’s identity as much as jewelry in film ever does. At least since Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra anyway. Here’s the scoop on the jewelry straight from King Baby Studio.

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Tom Cruise Wearing King Baby Studio Jewelry on cover of W magazine As you have probably heard, Mr. Risky Business, Mission Impossible, & every other summer blockbuster you can think of has transformed himself once again.  For his newest role Tom Cruise slides into the life of a rock god as Stacee Jaxx in the new film Rock of Ages.  When we got the call to supply Mr. Cruise with some KICK ASS jewelry to make his transistion believable we scrached our heads as many of you have done, wondering if we could really pull this off and better yet if HE could pull this off.  As you can see from his recent spread in W Magazine he does a pretty damn good job sporting our classic Crown Ring, Diamond Star RingBlack Beaded Bracelet w/ Skulls, and Black Bead Bracelet w/ Barrels.  He’s even wearing our Fuck You Ring which was a sent over as a special request.  Check out the…

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