Lindsay Lohan’s “First Point” short film

Lindsay Lohan lying on the beach in black bikini and sunglasses

BASEL, 16 June — As if all the dOCUMENTA (13) action in Kassel weren’t enough, it’s also Art 43 Basel this weekend! Whereas Documenta is 100 days once every 5 years, Basel is 4 days every year. (there are also sattelites: Art Basel Miami Beach in December and Art Basel Hong Kong in May)

In this post Ed and Ruby report on Lindsay Lohan & Richard Phillips latest short film collaboration, premiered at Art Basel.

ed and ruby

Lindsay Lohan and Richard Phillips have again collaborated on a short film entitled First Point which premiered in Switzerland this week.  In the five-minute flick, Lohan takes on the role of a sexy surfer girl who surfs and sunbathes her days away while the paparazzi lens hovers.

Co-directed by legendary surf filmmaker Taylor Steele, the film is shot on both public and private beaches in Malibu, with music score by Thomas Bangalter — one half of French electro duo Daft Punk.

“This tackles a different part of who she is and how she projects herself. It’s not fashion photography, it’s not mainstream film.” Phillips told ABC News.

First Point premiered on June 11 as part Art Unlimited VIP Opening at Art Basel 2012 and will air to the public over the coming days.

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