You’re A Bumby….Just Not As Cool.

WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN, 5 June — Like Sheryl Oring, The Bumbys have fetishized the pivotal cultural artifact of the typewriter, and transformed it into a compelling live performance experience. Blogger Stylish Piggy reports.

Stylish Piggy

This is Jill and Gill Bumby. (not their real names)

A masked and mute hip duo traveling the party circuit with their typewriters giving brave patrons a “fair and honest appraisal of their appearance”.

 You wait in a line until it’s your turn, you stand there awkwardly while a disguised person looks you up and down and then starts typing like a mad person. I gotta tell ya, I just love, love, this.

It’s a prime example of someone taking something that already exists and tweaking it until it becomes creative money making genius.

We are all pretty much Bumby’s on a daily basis, aren’t we? Making our snap judgement of people with just a glance.  Although, in the Bumby’s case, they keep their poetic appraisals on a positive note and…they are completely fly.  Check The Bumby’s out in action.

Cool, good karma and a check…sign me up for a franchise.



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