Bra Construction and What it Means About How Society Views Women

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MONTREAL, 12 June — We’re here at the home of the Canadian Lady Corset Company where, in 1961, the Model 1300 plunge push-up bra, aka “The Wonder Bra” was introduced. Today, 51 years later, the authors at Forming The Thread explore “boob-identity culture,” the sexualization of young girls, and whether it’s even still possible to buy an UN-padded bra.

Forming The Thread

A few days ago I was out shopping with a friend, and we ended up in a well-known lingerie store.  Now, I am not (ahem) endowed, so I generally just stick with sports bras, and frankly, I like my own figure just fine.  But I was quite struck by the rather heavy padding I found in every single line of bras in the store, save one.  It is as if the manufacturers are screaming, “You gotta have titties!  Hooters!  Jugs!”  Practically every bra was “push-up” or so padded as to add at least one cup size, maybe two.  No wonder I can’t find a decent, fitted bra in a modest size.  I apparently don’t even qualify for a “real” bra.

This was not always the case.  About 25 years ago, I could actually find normal, feminine, fairly plain bras in a small cup size that fit me just…

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