Telematic Billboards Tailored Just For You

ATLANTA, 17 May — Marketer Jennifer A. Jones feels the schizophrenia of our age in her simultaneous excitement and repulsion at the coming age of “Telematic Billboards,” aka, Augmented Reality everything!


This is either super cool or super scary. As usual, I’m of split minds on the subject because the marketer and technology nerd in me loves it. But, the consumer who values her privacy has got the heebie-jeebies a little bit.

GM filed a patent to use data collected from its OnStar service to tailor public advertisements to individual drivers.

The patent leverages location-based information from OnStar’s navigation system and includes the use of in-vehicle cameras to determine unspecified demographics of vehicle occupants. Even seat positions could be used to determine a driver’s age, height and weight.

Wired has some interesting ideas of what these ads could look like:

Nightmare scenarios flooded our thoughts. Kids in the backseat? Be prepared to see ads for Happy Meals and nearby amusement parks. Headed to the doctor’s office? A friendly reminder to schedule a colonoscopy, in flashing 40-foot letters.

Wired notes that like many…

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  1. Wednesday, 30 May 2012 at 06:27 UTC #

    Nice, recent blog post by Doc Searls on whether targeting works:

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