Badgeville Levels Up With $25M From InterWest & More To Gamify The Enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, 30 May —TechCrunch reports Gamification company Badgeville has raised another US$25M for their coming push to take the gamification of everything beyond end users and into enterprise.


When Badgeville launched at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco back in 2010 and took home the “Audience Choice Award,” its mission to help companies big and small leverage gamification elements like leaderboards, badges, leveling-up, experience points, etc. to increase customer engagement seemed intriguing — if not a little gimmicky.

Fast forward to today, and some may still cringe at the word (and its overuse), gamification is reaching the tipping point. As Mayfield Fund Managing Director Tim Chang recently wrote in a must-read post, gamification is now moving beyond its early adopting verticals, like media and fitness, and is no longer content to just play in the realm of consumers and end users. It’s ready to play in enterprise.

Badgeville’s vision of a web and business experience being re-shaped by game dynamics is not only being validated by the media, but by investors, too. Earlier this month, mobile gamification startup…

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