AR on AR – Occupying Virtual Space – a presentation by GARhodes

CHICAGO, 24 February — Reblog of Blog of Video of Talk on Augmented Reality presented as Augmented Reality. Geoffrey Alan Rhodes physically and virtually at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago courtesy of John Craig Freeman.

John Craig Freeman

“Occupying Virtual Space: AR(t)” With the proliferation of smartphones and free public apps such as Junaio and Layar, channels of virtual space paralleling real locations have become a new architectural space in which to create, exhibit, and distribute art. Though uncurated and uncontrolled, this virtual landscape draws on the aura of the real spaces in which it is anchored, playing at protest, playing at deconstruction, without ever completely manifesting.

Geoffrey Alan Rhodes is a media artist, film- maker, and writer. His works seek out new connections between the real and the virtual, the cinematic and the actual, fine art and popular experience.

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