Catsuits, Catsuits, Catsuits!

Photo of Liz Bowman on top of a cheerleader human pyramid.

That’s me at the top of an SLCS human pyramid. I’ve been buried in RL and haven’t done cheer in a while. I miss these guys so much. SLCS is such a fun group of great people. In this post however, I’m going a different way…

AMSTERDAM, 18 May — I Rez’ intrepid cheerleader & dancing queen Liz Bowman puts her pleated cotton skirt & pom-poms aside for a moment to try on the greatest catsuits in cyberspace, and then bring them all back to Trilby Minotaur’s Opium Den installation at Gallery Xue / Amsterdam to model them for your viewing pleasure.

I was reading the virtual fashion blogs yesterday, and, I don’t get it!? All this talk about Mesh Clothing vs Sculpty Clothing vs Prim Clothing, and which is better and what the problems are… better? problems? Who needs it!? Is there anything better than just sliding into an ultra-thin “second skin” of a yummy latex catsuit? Forget all those stoopid clothes that never really fit right anyway and feel the power and support of plastic clothing!

And remember, latex isn’t just for fetish models anymore, it’s become the “fabric” of choice for pop stars everywhere. No fur! Cruelty free! kk, so first, my transition from cheerleader with a heart of gold to slightly naughty celebutante: a latex catsuit is all about drama, so *sniffle* these golden locks have got to go, and my normally pasty white-girl skin wants to be even brighter. Time to bust out the dark hair dye and the pale foundation.

4 images of Liz Bowman makeup progression, hair dye, light foundation, lipstick and mascara

My transition from cheerleader to celebutante: from cotton pleated skirt to latex catsuit and goth-like makeup

Two words: Jet Black.

My paleness has already been enhanced by the crappy Vancouver winter, and my ridiculous overtime at the hospital. Still, I’m applying face and body foundation 3 shades lighter than my natural skin color which makes my skin really bright and contrasts well. Bye-bye to my freckles, at least for this weekend. Set with loose powder.

This is not the time to be shy. This is not the time to be modest. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine and bluff your way to total confidence. Your lips cannot be too red. Your lashes cannot be too long. Seriously.

click any image to see a larger version

Before and after images of Liz Bowman catsuit makeup tutorial

hahaha, what have I done? This is so not me! 😛 But I guess that’s what makes it fun. Don’t know if I’ll do this again anytime soon, but I’m definitely going out dancing before I take all this stuff off!

Liz Bowman wearing Syren catsuit and corset. Photo in Trilby MInotaur's Opium Den at Gallery Xue Amsterdam.

At Trilby Minotaur’s Opium Den installation at Gallery Xue / Amsterdam. Wearing a latex catsuit and latex corset by Syren.

Liz Bowman wearing a Bondinage catsuit and corset in Trilby Minotaur's Opium Den installation at Gallery Xue / Amsterdam

Oh gawd. Honestly, I’ve never tried opium before in my life. I think I must have a very low tolerance. Oh well, at least I can be smokin stoned and smokingly stylish thanks to this latex catsuit and corset by Bondinage.

Liz Bowman floating in the water at Gallery Xue / San Francisco Bay, wearing a laced latex catsuit / corset from Ectomorph

Floating in the water of Gallery Xue / San Francisco Bay at midnight in a very inspiring laced “Cutaway Catsuit” from Ectomorph

Liz Bowman wearing a black catsuit fitted with inflatable latex breasts and standing in shallow water near San Francisco Bay

oh gawd… it’s true… “Inflatable Latex Boobs” by Catfish Clothing

Liz Bowman wearing Lust Designs' latex Trixie Dress at Rebel NYC

No doubt about it, my favorite thing to do in this world is go dancing! And my favorite place to dance is the super-fun Rebel NYC! haha, and wearing a Lust Designs latex Trixie Dress doesn’t hurt at all!

Liz Bowman at Gallery Xue Taipei wearing Nuacler latex 50's inspired flare dress

At Gallery Xue / Taipei in my fun, mid-century inspired “Cecilia Dress” from Sweedish latex fashion house Naucler Design. In all these colors and especially the striped corset, I feel a little bit like those licorice allsorts candies.



Even though celebrity use of latex and rubber fashions is relatively recent, the stuff has been around forever. So what’s new for the 21st century? Here’s a couple of amazing Catsuit2.0 fashions:

Liz Bowman in Moonbase Catsuit by Tatjana Warnecke

Tatjana Warnecke created this catsuit / pressure suit for celebs who want to be totally stylish even in the asphyxiating atmospherelessness of Moonbase Alpha.

Liz Bowman crawling in shadows wearing Mother of London kevlar catsuit

From Mother of London here’s the ultimate kevlar catsuit2.0. It features a kevlar hexcel underlayer and a carbon fiber exoframe. With this catsuit you’re ready to seduce a third world dictator by day, take out his naval base by nite, and still be ready for breakfast with your friends.

Liz Bowman wearing latex supergirl costume

Well that’s pretty much my story: latex isn’t just for superheroes anymore!
And who really needs Sculpty-Mesh-Prim clothing anyway? Blecch! It sounds like a disease!
Supergirl outfit by Kaori’s Latex Dreams.

I think it’s time to pass out now. Thanks you guys for joining me on my little descent into Latex, Drugs & Dubstep. Call me in the morning and see if I wound up pregnant or dead or survived it all ok. Oh, and LMK, depending on what your father’s like, if it’s worse to wind up dead, or pregnant?

H U M A N E . F E T I S H

no mesh, sculpt, or prim clothing of any kind was harmed or worn in any of these pix.
no fur. cruelty free.

kk… maybe the inflatables…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

S T O C K I N G . I N F O

As far as I could find, none of the makers of all that dreamy “real” latex actually do virtual couture, however there are a number of remarkable VR designers who do, so much like the players at the Old Globe Theatre, I’ve asked them each to play a part in my little costume drama!

The roles of Syren, Ectomorph & Naucler were played by Powers of Creation
Powers of Creation

The role of Bondinage was played by Hugo’s Design
Hugo’s Design

The role of Catfish Clothing was played by Eclectic Randomness
Catfish Clothing
Eclectic Randomness

The role of Rebel NYC was played by Dance Island; the role of Lust Designs was played by Kayliwulf Kingdom
Rebel NYC
Dance Island
Lust Designs
Kayliwulf Kingdom

The role of Tatjana Warnecke was played by Jackie Graves
Tatjana Warnecke
Jackie Graves

The role of Mother of London was played by Elixir
Mother of London

The role of Kaori’s Latex Dreams was played by Madame Couturier
Kaori’s Latex Dreams
Madame Couturier

I try to use as many Ben Nye products as possible when I have these occasional makeup orgies. The guy invented pretty much everything. I try to honor that. And not to be bratty, but hair this long and full can be a lot of work. Embracing volume without turning into a rat’s nest is a project! Of course I only let José Eber touch my hair.
The role of Ben Nye was played by Eloh Eliot; the role of José Eber was played by Carina Larsen.
Ben Nye
Eloh Eliot
José Eber
Carina Larsen

Liz Bowman Triplets in different looks from this project

I did not employ any stunt doubles of any kind in the production of these pix.
I mean, what would be the point?
If you can’t do it for real, why bother?

Click on any image below to launch “slide show” mode!

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  1. Wednesday, 23 May 2012 at 05:25 UTC #

    Wow Liz, it really looks like you had a lot of fun with these! You totally do look like licorice allsorts in that outfit – gawd I love those candies…

    hahaha… it’d be pretty cool to do a performance where everyone dressed up as inspired by their favorite food. A sort of “culinary couture” performance!! 🙂

  2. Aero Elizabeth Bowman
    Tuesday, 29 May 2012 at 10:05 UTC #

    Wow, I totally forgot how much Britney Spears rocked that orange catsuit in her Oops I Did It Again music video!

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