simple square column

NEW JERSEY, 5 May — While so many of us were out at May Day Protests today, holding our phones up against the city to experience Augmented Reality interventions, Alex Konczal bicycled to this New Jersey Reservation and built a dry stone column with his hands. Konczal modestly called it a “Simple Square Column,” yet the care and craft of the project, the choice of site and materials, and his photographic composition combine to create a project that invokes surprisingly powerful visceral and organic sensations, even for those only able to experience it remotely as pixels on a screen.

I Stack Rocks

visited the reservation today, went by bike. wanted to make something with more ordered faces, ended up making the top hollow; wanted to build a fire in it, but low and behold, I had forgotten my lighter! oh well. perhaps if it remains standing I will visit it in a few days and post some pics of the column filled with fire.

not the most ambitious of projects, can’t wait to get my groove back.

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