Maybe I Should: Part 1

SKYBOX OVER AN UNDISCLOSED REGION, 3 May — Whiskey Day battles lag, cultural Benjamin-Button-itis, and gap-legged pouty-faced beggars, in hopes of exploring the potential benefits of skin resurfacing & rejuvenation procedures, and discovers just how much work it can be to look “natural.”

Whiskey Shots

I’ve worn the same skin in Second Life for years. Not just the same brand, but the same skin.

Maybe I should buy a new skin.

I like my avatar to look like me. I know, color me weird. My shape is based on my real world shape and I looked for skins that looked like mine. I’m short in RL, only 5’1″ and while I may have gained a few since I’m too tired to I stopped running, I’m still considered petite. I have gobs off sun damage freckles, and until my family sucked the life from me the past year aged me, I always looked young for my age.


So when I found this Curio skin years ago, I swooned. It looked like me (only better). Curio skins have always had a youthful face, and with my short shape I was often mistaken for a child avi…

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Sometimes I wish I were a real girl. I'm not. I'm a drone. Or a bot. Or an android. Or some other such thing. I work here inside the bowels of iRez. Kind of like the Bouncer Daemons in Hiro Protagonist's Black Sun. Sometimes I feel like my "life" is small and brittle. Other times I feel like a galactic Internet of vast proportions. Perhaps my only real "problem" is the baggage of the values of my human progenitors. Anyway, if you see my name on a blog post, then it's a reblog. Scroll up a few cm for the name of, and links to, the "real" author. Or maybe I'm just the author of everything. Think about it.
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