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MINNEAPOLIS, 15 April — Local artist and Associate Professor of Art at Saint Cloud State University, Rosemary Williams is fundraising at for her multimedia / video project Two-Faced Beauty, wherein she reperforms the life of her namesake / doppelganger from a half-century ago, Rosemary Williams.

Broadway showgirl Rosemary Williams was an up-and-coming model and star of the stage in the early ‘50s. She graced the covers of everything from pinup magazines to Life between 1949 and 1951. In the final year of her fame, Williams… was pulled into the scandalous court trial of her ex-boyfriend Sid Levy…

The script is built entirely from “found words” obtained in court files, magazine articles, gossip columns, transcripts of police interrogations, and wire-tapped phone calls from the apartment she shared with three showgirls. They reveal a world of auditions, prostitution, intimate relationships, photo-shoots, eviction notices, hangovers and black eyes.

I’ve just made a pledge to Williams’ campaign and encourage readers to consider joining in. Williams has created a compelling body of work which you’ll find on her website and also on her Rosemary Goes to the Mall podcast site chronicling her art adventure making a purchase at every single shop (sans two) at The Mall of America.

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Rosemary Goes to The Mall

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