Who Is Your Hero?

TRANSITION: Harper Beresford remembers Anthony Shadid. Thank you Harper, it’s a bittersweet, but important story.

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Yesterday I found out one of my heroes died. Anthony Shadid was a foreign correspondent for the New York Times, based in the Middle East. He was a nice guy who was of Lebanese descent, and he grew up in Oklahoma City. He went to college in Wisconsin and from there, could have lived a comfortable life simply as a journalist for a local paper. He could have settled into an easy middle-class life, worrying about his tax bill, the cost of gas for his SUV, the score for his fantasy baseball team. He could have been any one of us.

But he decided to do more–much more–to understand, explain, examine, and report the conditions and lives of people in the Middle East during dangerous times, bringing empathy to both Middle Easterners and Westerners in a time when empathy and compassion are in short supply.

He was a brilliant…

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