Are we “Alone Together” in WoW? – Solo Play pt. 10

Part Ten! In Ironyca’s epic consideration of “solo play” in a massively multiplayer world. Lots of insights on identity, relationships, projection, instantiation. Awesome!

Traveling the Multiverse

Last part (part 9) was about secret alts and the need for time outs. This post may take some of that conversation and turn it upside down.

Hunter’s Pets and Companion Pets

When I spoke to my teacher about this project, he reminded me that perhaps players could also get a social effect from NPC’s. We are generally very capable of projecting an identity, a sentience, onto things we are perfectly aware are not alive and thinking, but we like the idea, it speaks to us, it’s appealing.

None of the players I interviewed mentioned this, but I remember back when I was leveling my priest, I would sometimes bring out my white kitten when I was out questing. It gave a sense of company. So I thought that perhaps hunters could the best example of this in WoW, maybe some hunters feel very attached to their pets…

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