Secret Alts, RealID and Obligations – Solo Play pt. 9

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Traveling the Multiverse

As is evident, WoW has great potential to turn even solo play into a social experience as we saw in the previous parts, depending on what level of sociability we tap into. However, solo play was also utilized as an escape from the social venue of the game, described by the players I interviewed in terms of taking a break or hiding:

Ironyca: You characterized playing alone as a break, what would it be a break from? (Just to make sure I understand you correctly)

Jefflindsay: People talking! haha. That constant scroll of bright green is a strain on the eyes 😛

Here we are looking at the extreme end of solo play where the player purposefully wants to avoid contact. One of the more efficient ways to do this is to create a secret alt.

This particular topic is something I feel strongly about, I used to…

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    Hehe look at that! I’ve noticed that reblog button, but never figured out how it worked, if it worked like Tumblr or what, but that’s cool, very promotional 😉 Thanks!

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    it’s pretty cool, the idea is they get a chunk of it here, and can follow back to your site to read the full post. If they click the “Reblogged from” link or the pix, they go to your site. Still, I wish where it trails off:

    People talking! haha. That …

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