VB02 – Peggy Sue

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Sound Sculpture: Daruma Picnic
Wardrobe design: Kai Heideman / Powers of Creation
Skin: Eloh Eliot
Venue: Esparanza Freese / Vista Hermosa Art Center

VB02 – Peggy Sue
Performance artwork at Vista Hermosa Art Center
Saturday 9 May 09, 2-3pm SLT

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VIDEO: Establishing Shot
TIME: 1:54


VIDEO: Peggy Sue on stage.
TIME: 1:05


Peggy Sue stands for the first half of the performance.

Then, one by one, she moves from the stage to Daruma Picnic’s interactive sound sculpture and begins to “dance.”

VIDEO: Dancing.
ANGLE: Dance x Sky
ANGLE: Dance x Audience
TIME: 1:54


As their dance progresses,
Peggy Sue invites the audience to join her.

VIDEO: Finally, one by one, Peggy Sue stops dancing and returns to her stage.
TIME: 2:36


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Author:Vanessa Anne Blaylock

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