Coursera / Wharton School Gamification class by Kevin Werbach, Trophy / Badge for completing 1st 1/2 of the course!

Gamification 6 – Psychology & Motivation II

PHILADELPHIA, 16 September –- Gamification with Kevin Werbach of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, Week 3! The previous unit explains the benefits of a behavioral approach to gamification; ...

Becoming Someone Else – Part 1

This salon has professional authors with qualifications in education, psychology and other professions who explore identity and virtual identify. I read their posts with great interest.  There’s little question in my mind that ...

Avatar? Identity!

Gracee's 5th Rez Day in Second Life 2012 by Yordie Sands

Becoming Someone Else – Part 2

Second Life can be like MMORPG games in many regards, there are ...
photo of about a dozen similar looking male avatars all dressed in black

Open call to participate in a study on avatar identity through USC!!

A friend of mine at USC in California is doing an avatar ...
Avatar & Identity Introduction Banner

Avatar & Identity – Introduction

Ever since Vaneeesa invited me over to write a guest post for ...

Tweets, Plurks & Other Cool Dance Moves!

The undiscovered country: Our first voyage to InWorldz

Originally posted on Canary Beck:
The intrepid new settlers begin the voyage across the treacherous waters This week Harvey and I visited InWorldz for the first time and despite the poetic allusion of this post’s title – no, we did not meet our deaths – far from it. The voyage was swift and not without incident,…

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New Home; Old Home

Hi everyone! We’ve moved! And haven’t! iRez: the virtual identity salon is still at our same “address”, but we’ve changed hosts from to WP Engine. When you type the URL, or search for us, you’ll go straight to the new place. But if you subscribed to iRez in the past, we can’t update […]

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World Today: “I’m a Fun Guy”

Location: Algonquin Provincial Park I’m a big fan of small worlds. I love photography of tiny things and tiny places. And no, I’m not a “guy”, but a friend of mine has a T-shirt with the phrase “I’m a Fun Guy” along with pictures of mushrooms. It’s very cute. 🙂

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Image of greasy hamburger plate being transformed into a healthy salad by an iPad augmented reality display

Gamification 5 – Psychology & Motivation I

PHILADELPHIA, 14 September –- Gamification with Kevin Werbach of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, Week 3! Gamification is a technique for motivation, so it ties very directly into psychology. This unit introduces the behavioral psychology concepts relevant to gamification. Class Notes — Part 5 — Psychology & Motivation I 5.1 Gamification as motivational […]

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On dogs and gardeners

We’ve all heard the Serenity Prayer at one time or another: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference. The serenity to accept the things I cannot change… I suppose what made me think of this […]

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Untitled by Gracie Kendal (an article about the artistic process…kinda)

I think I just realized why so many artists don’t title their work. It’s damn hard!! I am working on my newest project, a full sim installation and  I had a title, Ce n’est pas une peinture. The environment I am creating was originally inspired by my paintings. I wanted to deconstruct them in Second […]

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Gamification – Homework #1

DEAR COURSERA PEEPS: I’m tweeting Prof. Werbach about the appropriateness of this post, but as he has 50,000 students! 😛 and might not be able to reply, I’m also inquiring in the course forums. I have been blogging my lecture notes, which I imagine shouldn’t be disruptive or inappropriate in any way, and would fit […]

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ScreenCap from Gamification Lecture 4 by Kevin Werback of Coursera and the Wharton School

Gamification 4 – Game Elements

PHILADELPHIA, 9 September –- Gamification with Kevin Werbach of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, Week 2! The raw materials of games and gamification are called game elements. We’ll earn how to break down a game into its constituent parts and apply them to create gamified systems. Class Notes — Part 4 — Game […]

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Gamification 3 – Game Thinking

PHILADELPHIA, 9 September — Gamification with Kevin Werbach of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School, Week 2! The ways game designers approach their craft is also the way to tackle a gamification project. Seeing situations through the lens of game design is an essential skill in this area. Class Notes — Part 3 — […]

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I apologize for these sporadic postings… my dissertation has been keeping me busy, although I have to say that I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m about half way done combing through my hefty stash of data (over 1,000 pages of transcripts collected over a year and a […]

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ScreenCap of Second Life Firestorm Viewer Preferences with red circle on "Email IM's"

Second Life’s Communications Quagmire

In the MMO / 3D VW of Second Life, there are a variety of ways to receive information: 1. IM’s from People 2. IM’s from Groups 3. Notecards from People 4. Notices from Groups While Gmail manages to store 3GB of mail for you, SL caps out at about 3 messages! I’m joking – only […]

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On being delightful…

“Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.” ~Lady Gaga In a month, I will be 6 years old in Second Life. It just floors me how fast time has flown. As I get older (in both RL and SL) I keep thinking about […]

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